Saturday, February 25, 2017

Championship Heat 6.. Gosh who would have guessed...

                                       The day showed promise of all kinds of excitement

Conditions were prefect for wave action, splash, wee chaos, and a few dramatic moments ..

                                                       The pontoon was lined with yachts...
                                   the new crew of Fleur de Lis were becoming 'old hands'
the look was busy....

                                         well.. not yet on Solitaire ... but it became busy!
                                         Tony and Claire were showing a new sail wardrobe

                                           .. and Jordy was along on the helm

                                                    SonOfaBeach was looking speedy
                                                         just need to iron out a few crinkles ...
Mike was back with Thylacine ... nice to see you again! 
                                                            Morgan impressed with style

                                                           there were Impulses aplenty
                                                    Good  to see Matthew back in his Impulse

                                                           and looking pretty fast
Solitaire won the start

                                                                  let the action begin ...

                                                          Skippers chose their course

                                                                there were tier systems

                                                                Tuan headed 'off piste'
                                                       and Fleur de Lis opted for a training sail
On to the dinghy fleet, with a no mess start...

                                                   There was synchronized sailing,
                                                           Sheldon went solo to the mark
                                                             Josh showed style
                                                                Steve was playing angles
                                                       D and D were neck and neck
                                                          Ray was keeping his head down
                                                               We were placing bets on Morgan
                                                              .... and she delivered !
                                                                  Tim was riding high
                                                                  Maria smooth sailing
                                                                Will was hard to miss
                                                        it was very hit and miss
                                                          though Matt was easy to spot
                                                              Josh was cool blue

they came two by two,

                                                                           or not...

                                                       Sheldon had friends to play with ...
                 Alison and David were back to sabot days..... the conversation went something like this...

                                   "Why didn't he tack? Shouldn't he gibe? Is he in front ? Where's the next mark?
                                            ....  why is he going that way.. no ... tack.. go ... no !!!
                                                        Well that was a good race, well done..." 

                         unlike Sonofabeach .. who were not having such a good time it seemed
                                                                     Stories for the bar...
                                                           A lot of the day it seemed all up hill.
                                                                    or chasing down

                                                           David and Josh are having a high old time
                                                                      races within races...
                                                               Will looked long and fast...
                                                            Matt gave us something to focus on
                                                 There was some congestion at A8 at half time

                                                                  going every which way
                                                          the composition was lining up nicely  

                                                          the Doc had Traveler issues
                                                             Thylacine plowed on through

                                     There were others on the harbour going Head to Head

                                                           Reminding me strongly of this
                                                          a small diversion .. back to sailing!
                                                                  so it was back to the club
                                                                   to check it all out 
    a bit of team work will fix it ...

After all , it was a smiling type of day!! 

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