Saturday, February 18, 2017

Head of the Harbour 2 Heat 1.. and the dinghies were smokin....

                            It was great to see a number of yachts this week though the skies were                                                             hazy and grew smokier as the afternoon progressed          

                                                        The start made a picture                                                                              

Tony and Claire were back with Intriigue
                             ...and even took the in-laws!  The family that plays together etc etc                          
                                    Carli drove the red rib this week, while Ken was off partying
                                                           ... it was all Girl Power!                                                               
and she had a play on an Impulse later 
  Blainey was back on the Bic  ... so we stalked her for a while ..

                                                                      Old Favorites ....
                                                   Mike, Brien and Thylacine as well
                                                       SonofaBeach were in 'go fast ' mode      
                                            Doctor's Orders looked supremely confident ..
Away they went racing down harbour 

                                                       Fleur De Lis on the tail of Restless
                                                     Time to get that bottom cleaned 'Restless'
                                                         overhauled by Fleur De Lis

                                           it could have been Hawaii ....  islands in the sun!

                                                             Ray had a winning start                                                                
                                In the background, Tim was dealing with a side stay given way..
                                                          David Cue snuck in further up the line
                                                            only to cross swords with Steve                        

                                                              around CB1, the first mark
                                                               and together with Ray close behind

                                             Morgan looking for another Laser to play with ...
                       Matthew and sister Alexi in a Pacer .. good effort Eiser family  PRO for the day
                                                                Will was going strong this week.
                                                       .. and Blainey provided a few nice shots!
                                                                   it looks like fun on the Bic

                                                              hard on the knees though...

                                             The M. V. Jack was weighed down with volunteers
                                           Race Two was underway , with Tim back ... Good Effort

                                          The rest of the Impulse fleet went to Bundaberg ...

                                                     some close racing ...and lots of nice colour !
                                         Steve has taken a different tack to the mark this time

                                                                 wave action...
                                                                  then around busy A7
                                                              Tim putting in grunt work..

                                                   Matt and Alexi had the advantage over Will

                                                            Matt and Alexi have it all under control ..
                           Murray was shooting video on Herc with Dave , but they missed their boat boy.                                                                                 Christopher ?
                                                    and finally the yachts came back ...

                                      Lynne and Shauna gave a helping hand on Fleur de Lis..
                                                       Restless was fighting  off the pressure

                                                Ray can be relied on for an action shot or two
                                     The background will soon look rather different ...
                                     think Cruise Terminal..(these photos will be history) 


                                             As the dinghies finished, Carli had a sail on an impulse
                                                                 Problems' Child perhaps?
                                                       Build it and they will come???
and Ray is getting into this 'stand up sailing too'.
and to finish the week ... a couple of shots I just like! 

                           The texture of the ship is interesting; a smoky haze behind
                                            - and the zoom lens distorts the distance

the smoky haze covers the marina ... and I seem to have caught the back of a Dolphin there on the right hand side...

the power in the barge ...

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