Saturday, February 28, 2015

A little run around the harbour

It was a quiet day on the water with only a few boats untying from the yacht club pontoon to head out for a sail.

The harbour is blue again , it was a day of gentle breeze and quite pleasant to be out of the heat and on the water.
                           Solitaire set out to ensure the rig was tight for Championship next week... and found just a wee problem .. it was a quick trip back into dock to fix an missing side stay and a slight lean.
It was all looking good one minute ..

and it was Seaulater the next !

                                                  Intrigue headed out with a youthful crew,


                                                     and after a quick trip around the harbour

they were back ,

                                                      with the girls running the show ..

and home just in front of

                                                                Lex took on the bowman spot

                                           there were smiles on board .. after a rocky start..

they had the boat speed ..

and then it was up to a few dinghies to add a bit of colour
Steve needed another 5 knots of breeze,

                                               Ray was pretty happy with his performance

                                             Barry and Martin  handled the start

Tiarney recovered from a boom buster

                                                                Colleen and Sue took over Herc

Maria was chasing the cobwebs away

and it was back to the dock,
Championship next week.. we might see a crowd !


Sunday, February 1, 2015

A new year, another Championship Race

                                                               So ... here we all were ....

ready for action..

                                                                  flexing muscle...

                                                                eye catching colours

                                ...........  but are the crew checking out  'What's What!'

                                                       or is that the famous " mystery bolt " ????

                                              Not to worry ... everything seems to be working ....

                                            Solitaire was cruising alone quietly ... like a predator!

                                On a Sonofabeach was more beachy,  summer casual..

                                      Now .. can someone teach Pete how to check the blog ..

                                                              The Pocket Rocket was primed

                                                             round and round we go..

                                                                  It that Dr Seuss??

The start looked exciting ,

The pocket, rocket got away..

until the mighty 'beach got underway..

everyone took a different tack...

and a different angle..

Miss Behaviour was playing it late ..

solitaire threw out some ballast..

 across the harbour

 some people were a little nervous

 Craig was having his first skipper experience ...

Tim seemed to pop up all over the course

there was plenty of ORANGE

Morgan and Steve were a well oiled team....

Of course .. it's good to see the girls in charge....

Let's not get too stressed  about it all..

those impulse Sailors! They're incorrigible !


Race 1... done and dusted !
Race 2 underway..

Yes...That way Tim!

Martin and Matt . a champion team!

Impulse sailors skate downhill..

playing in the waves ..

Maria was after those guys...

and she was determined ...

Standing up makes you go faster .....

Tim was chasing his mates...

Busy Herc was buzzing around ..

Will sailed home after a day in the RIB as a handy gofer...

and there is always a lesson it in from Martin...  no free rides here !

.. and a simple sail homewards to end the day !