Saturday, May 25, 2013

Trophy Presentation night at the Port Curtis Sailing Club

                                                                      Trophy night

                                Steve Lewis kicked off the evening in the role of MC for the night

                                                      which he does with immeasurable style..


our sweetest young sailors were present..

along with our sweet older sailors



Skye was in charge of flowers..

                                                         .. the awards started to flow.. as Morgan

and Jackson


and Rowen



and many others 

                                                            were rewarded for consistent sailing

                                                           Jack and Jackson were in together

                                                              Slim gave us a pep talk..

                                        the theme of which was get out and enjoy your sailing ...(I think)

then it was back to business .. as John took over handing out the prizes

                                         Martin and Jack had been a winning combo all year..

and it seems Jack is not looking to change that..

                                                       Ken handed out a few precious art works

                                                           Maria kept coming back

                                                   Ray made an appearance ..

                                                               Jack was scooping the pools ..

as was Dad, Jeff..

everyone wanted a photo with Gail ..

Greg was vowing to beat Immigrant next year ..

and then there was Lex..

He wouldn't go away..

until he had a photo with everyone ..

                                             .......and he was difficult to ignore ...

he evan got a prize ...

                                                                  for THAT shirt...

Patty .............!!!!

Marion was the loudest lady...

I think that made her happy...

It seems Gail is not adverse to a rum .. or two..

and then everyone who has ever sailed ..

.. no that was ... ever sailed on Immigrant ...

was invited up to share the spoils..

.. if they dare...


the night went well , lots of people were rewarded for skill, persistence and for keeping on keeping on ..

however the biggest winner was Maria..

who won the most Improved Sailor  of 2013..

Well Done Maria

lots of helpers received flowers ..

and it was all done for another year ..

Sunday, May 12, 2013

It was the last race of the season ... and only the hardy came out..

At Spinnaker Park, the beach was looking very

picture postcard... from the seventies

                                               Maria was doing beach starts,

                                                                conditions were gusty

with Jack having to teach YET another adult how to sail a pacer

Morgan was giving Steve a workout..

Jeff thought he was on Immigrant ....

it was neck and neck at times..

it was urban sailing at it's best...

                                       Anthony took a young gun crew out to trial his new trimaran...                                                                                      

                                           .. and they had fun!

Next season is looking pretty interesting...

Trophy night is Saturday 25th May..

no excuses... ring the office, book a ticket... BE THERE!