Saturday, December 14, 2013

.. and so it was Christmas....

      Celebrations began in the usual fashion with a few drinks, a sumptuous meal catered by the Yacht club staff, Santa arriving with presents for all...

                                                 My wish for next Christmas.. Brien....

                                                 is a lot better background for those photos!

                                                        The children were gathered

patiently  waiting

for the big guy to arrive ...
the girls were ready on hand to serve

the sailors were neither wet nor zinced  

the girls were looking glamorous

there were brothers in sailing


                                                                Club patron Barry ..

more glamour girls ..

                                                                            and guys


and couples ...


                                                 Finally the moment we'd all been waiting for..

Yes ! He finally arrived, though sadly not by boat...
Santa got down to work without further ado..

handing out the gifts ..

puzzling ..or not!

there were smiles all round ..

                                                  Santas' little elf  kept  hard at work...

                                                           .. some needed help ..

                                                         while others knew the drill..

there were no tears...

even if he looked a little weird...

we had the sure and savvy..

                                                                 the newbies..

the dads with engineering know how !!!

and the sister who knew how it worked

and why is it the boys always get the fun toys.. ???
Barry and Santa discussed world affairs
David went for World Peace

Santa stayed to mingle ..
and our cute future sailors played with their new toys




Saturday, December 7, 2013

Head of the Harbour Heat 4

                         It was the last sailing Saturday of the year, and coincidentally this is the 100th Blog  entry also.. amazing !!
The new year will bring us a whole new start..
since I am hampered at getting on the water at the moment ,
I thought we should take a look behind the scenes at the feverish preparation and adrenaline filled yachties at the PCSC

                        Jackson ..  planning tactics and generally keeping an eye on the opposition

                                      Matthew working on balance and weight versus wind on the BIC

                                   Michello practising getting back into the boat after a capsize or perhaps         working out how to hang on in event of a capsize?

                                               Christopher - actually was upright and ready to help dad..
                                                         In Fact .. he was doing a days work..

                                       the big boys were also taking this racing business seriously

                                          Yes ...Lex was happy to have all that crew on board..
even if they had never seen a yacht before !

Maria was doing her sailing onshore
.. but she still had all the right gear..

.. there was the usual posturing before the start.. flexing muscles and showing off


Some of the graduates were getting their wings wet..

there's a rumour about .. that the start line was only two hulls wide ..

.. but Tuan took the start , proving mono hull dominance at the start..

                              .. it was all a bit of a loud and screechy mish- mash  from on shore ..

                                                  Ray wanted to still be a part of it ..

and then it was Round Two .. dinghies

.. there were other boats to play with ..


the second race got off to a more orderly beginning..


Steve and Morgan went steady steady.. and it paid off..

Herc was zooming here and there for a long day out ..

the day was not without its challenges..

the rescue boats came in handy..

Lucky those boys were saving their energy ..

                                                         it was hard going out there ..

                                                          the dinghies all went home safely,

                                                         Intriigue came home under spinnaker..
followed by Doctor's Orders
.. and since the mono - hulls were still out there partying I headed back to the club!
Merry Christmas everyone,
Xmas Party next Saturday from 1- 4 pm, Santa arrives at 2pm