Thursday, February 14, 2019

The sun shone, the water was cool, best place to be in a heatwave!

There were two, two, many 125's on the water last Saturday 

                                          Intriigue was going through the paces,
                                                      Fleur D Lis was two handed sailing, jib only
                                          Solitaire looked like it was cruising off the Mediterranean
                                                                before gingerly testing the trapeze harnesses ..
                                                    There was a General Recall for this effort!
                                                              Ben had already gone back .... he knew!
                                                         Fraser was test pilot on the skiff with Mitch..

                                                       with a close encounter here and there..

                                                     David put in a champion effort

                                                          Ben was staying well in front of Ray ..
                                                         Dave on Solitaire
                                                                      Steve Lewis
                                                                         Peter and Alexa.. tutu pretty

                                                       around the mark, then on to Race 2

                                                       The dinghy fleet sailed four sprint races
                                                        Rob Graham on the Laser
                                                     some skiff fun 

                                                                 wet, wet for Maria
                                                            Ray annoyed David Cue for a wee while

                                                                        tight around A8

                                                                David Cue on I Boat

                                                           Chris Mann and Kerry Williams

                                                              1.25 trapeze artists

                                                     a casual afternoon on the M.V.Jack
                                                               .. can Dad stay in front ???

                                                              this team hopes not!
                                                    Thats a big boat for a solo sailor Matthew!
                                                                                .. and so it goes ...

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Back on the water for a new year !

                 It was a small group of sailors who turned out for the first Race day of the new year,
                             but nonetheless determined to enjoy the cool light conditions
                                                  Three yachts set out , Solitaire, Super Freaky

                                                  and a colourful team on Fleur De Lis
                                            .. it appears fashion glow orange is the theme this year
which makes this photographer's heart sing! 

                                               Good to see Will out to catch those Impulse guys

                           Solitaire had a brief fling on trapeze until there was more swim than fling 
                                                        ... and back to the bar they went          

                                              Maria was still hyped up from the Impulse Nationals
                                                     David Cue should print this photo!
                                       as David Mann our new Australian Impulse National Champion
                                                                 checked out this sail performance

                                                          Not happening in Race 2 !

                                                The Parker family joined in with some Pacer fun
                                                   .. looking pretty good for first timers!
                                       Ray kept a careful eye so as not to lose the new members!
                                                                 Back views tell a story too!

                                                           there was a change of order for Race 2

                                                           Steve Lewis followed through

                                                                   Maria was hiking

Will was cool 
                                                        Georgia had the team under control

Australia Day Family Fun Day is on Saturday 26th January 
from 11 am till 1 pm followed by a sausage sizzle 

See you there !