Monday, May 6, 2013

Yeppoon to Mackay Race, racing at Keppel Bay and lots of other sailing regattas on a busy weekend.

                                         Obviously since I happened to be there....

               Yeppoon to Mackay Race is getting a lot of attention this week on the blog..

                 After 15 years I decided to risk it again and go on the race...
                 ... hopefully it was going to be a lot less memorable than my other experiences...

         ..   the sail up on No problem was perfect, beautiful light South Easterly, Ray, myself and Brad .
                           .excellent .. two men to do the work .. so far the plan was going well..

                       Over night in Yellowpatch and we were treated to a quite spectacular sunset -
                                       burning orange and an intriguing cloud pattern...

                                                              Cape Capricorn

                                                    Brad was "out of the office" ....

the afternoon  sun shone on the sand dune

                                       the clouds were at a standstill in a great swirl..

and finally it all turned orange..

                                                  Race day dawned ..the fleet headed out..

                                      Sorceress was the only Mackay rep and we were the only Gladstone crew..

                                                 Wild Spirit and Arcadia planning tactics?

                                                         They had Tim safely tucked away..

                                                Arcadia tried the direct approach..


                                                         Tuan came to say farewell
                                                               Wild Spirit was on our tail..

                                Our skipper, tactician had timed it well and everyone was chasing us ..

              Theresa Chay was on the headland and took this shots as we all approached the first mark..

                            Wild Spirit tried a sandwich  ..
                                                      to no avail..            


                                                         It was all happening ...


                                    another shot from Theresa  with No Problem closest to the mark..

                                                        There were conferences and sail trims..  


                                                          Wild Spirit had the speed ..

                                                         and away we all went on our own adventures.

into the sunset again..


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