Saturday, February 4, 2017

Club Championship Heat Five

                                  New members, new boats, both in yachts and dinghy class
                      is an encouraging sign bringing a new optimism to the club and environs.

                                 Yachts were back in the water, crews were keen,

the paparazzi were out ...

and we had a few people to introduce...

                                           A hearty welcome to John Bell, and Fleur de Leis
             and the opportunity he has been able to provide for four of our adult Learn To Sail                                                             graduates to gain more experience crewing.

In the Impulse fleet, Josh Young has returned to sailing after mastering kite surfing for a few years... 
it appears Josh has honed his skills while away ...
( and I have to say it Josh ... looking sooo like your Dad ! ) 

Philip Grey is another new member who has discovered the joys of the Impulse and put yachts aside for a while ...

now we have evidence that Phil has been doing some training undercover...
 he was looking serious this week! 

.. and here is another face we haven't seen in a dinghy for a while ..

.. while Ray is away jumping off mountains , Cameron Pryce has his own Problem
 re- learning how small a dinghy can be! 

on Herc Dave has been doing his rescue boat operations certificate ;
so now he has to do everything!! 

Looks like 2017 is starting the right way for the PCSC.. Though we did miss Anthony and Clare ... Got to  fix that work problem! 

Chris Mann and Will Mc Dougal went out with good intentions 

but the wind and the tide creating a washing machine had them making the smart decision to head back into calmer waters of Auckland Creek, and the bar for a lemonade! 

The yacht start was spectacularly unexciting .. 
no argy bargy, no yelling , no UP! Up ! Up 

.. let's hope that is all over by next week... 

                            Restless had a more exciting trial run at the line!

                                         Solitaire had everybody aboard.. at this stage anyway!

                                              Super Freaky had the family together

John.. don't think it will be that polite every week! 

and then it was over to the dinghies ...

for a more competitive race to the line 

Adrian was on the laser ...

                                                                      Morgan too..

Rob and Ava took the fleet on with the Pacer 


                                                     David was back in colour


                                                Josh was catching a wave or two...

                                                   Where are the crew?

Steve did a fast rounding 

The Impulse sailors put on a show in black and white for us! 

                                             Josh just pipped David at the post in Race one...
                                                         the competition is hotting up ..

                                                             Ava was happy to enjoy the sail

Race Two saw a bit more challenge

                                                      some cross tacking

                                                     buoy rounding..

it was all going by in a haze...

SonOfaBeach returned at a fast clip..



Maybe the sun was getting to Cameron

because he seems to think he was in a Farr 40'

                                                        Along came Doctor;s Orders
                                      with Slim as Fore deck Supervisor ....

                                             Solitaire kept their kite going ..

                                      We spotted Tuan in cruising mode

                                           The girls had it covered on Super Freaky

                                                the new team got a few directions...

                                and Doctor's Orders took it home under spinnaker .

                                                       . well done Slim!



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