Saturday, February 11, 2017

Handicap Heat 4 .. and the best place to be in a heatwave!

            The yacht fleet was noticeably absent after a large turnout last week for Championship...                                perhaps it's time we introduced the 'Not a Championship Day Trophy' ...                                                               

                     so great effort by John Bell and his team of new members to the club, 
   ably assisted by Lynne Campbell. 
Undaunted, they sailed a solo race; 
  launching  and retrieving their first spinnaker, without a major stuff up...😂

The dinghy fleet made the harbour look busy 

Josh Young was back to prove last week wasn't a fluke 

                        Colleen and Sue took a break from admin duties to get in touch with the fleet

It was going to be 'ON' between David and Josh...
                                             ...  the first race started in light conditions of 10 knots    
                                                       Sue and Colleen headed bush ...
                                                           Lucky they had those orange sails ..

                                                           Will was back in Without a Paddle

Josh was taking nothing for granted..

                                             but he gave David a shake up at the first mark..

                                                         It was all very orderly ... a bit like this
                                                                      Round came Pete ...    

                                                                    and Morgan
                                                                    and Maria
                                                          The Pacer girls were Golden girls...

they came two by two to the mark

                                                We needed an injection of excitement ,

                                                      ... so I went for water splash...

                                         David was in front by the second rounding of CB 1 ..
                                                     but Josh was pushing him all the way

                                                  the lead changed constantly throughout the day

                                                 Peter was also giving it his best shot ..

                                                              and Steve in the mix as well ..
                                                       Morgan was keeping it all flat and calm..

                                                             Maria was about to wear the wave!

but it was Morgan who landed in the drink! 

                                                                   there was fierce concentration ...


                                                        and more relaxed groups as well...

The second race saw a tight start line 

                                                          afternoon light on the water ..

                                                                    time to think ....

there was standing action from the Impulse lads ..

                                  Dave and Ian decided to practice running full throttle at the red rib

                                                    No Problem.. I have total faith in Christopher !
                                             Fleur de Lis returned with a more experienced crew

                                                with Captain Bligh ... oops Bell calling the shots

That's Racing ! 

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