Saturday, March 4, 2017

Another Harbour Race

                                      We like it when Benjamin and his Moth come out to play ...
                                                      Fleur de Lis took off early
                                          there were the usual Multi-hulls vying for attention,                                                                              
                                                              The Eiser were out in force                                
                                                        Craig, Davida and Matt
                                                     Sheldon and a passing tug              
                                                                   Will is keen as mustard !
Ray and Matt swapped boats for a while 
                                           Good to see Scott back after time off for injury
                     the impulse fleet has undergone many changes while he has been sidelined
                                           Peter and Christopher took out the new 125 ..
Josh was back to challenge David 
and they fought it out all day 

Races got underway 

                                                   The action is always at the gybe mark

                                                           White sails aplenty

         Ava was ready for action with Dad      
                                                                  Maria never misses ...

                                                            there were families converging
                                                  the Moth a flutter all over the place
                                                                     Trapeze action
ouch Dad! 

                                                        There was finish line excitement  
                                                           Josh tried his hardest ...

                                                        .. but David wasn't giving an inch ..
                                      there were reaches, downwind legs and buoy rounding..

                                                          Looking much brighter in orange

                                                              Chris held the power seat
and we caught the coloured sails 
                                                          Will looked dreamy blues
                                                                Doctors Orders wore Black
                                            Despite the Skipper losing his Kryptonite
                                           The crew of Intriigue came through with a kite ...

                                                       Adrian and team ran a good race
Carli did some more training 
                                                                including capsize drills

                                                                 It was all so tiring ..