Saturday, March 11, 2017

Saturday ...equals Sailing !

                                                                    Another lovely day ,
                                      What more could you ask for than a day on the water;
                                                     Doctor's Orders was flying around ...

                                                             The fleet was off to a close start

                                                Tuan was in racing mode and looking mean
                                                              Restless led the charge..
John waited to see the Blue Peter drop...
 which unfortunately never happened !!
                                        We just like to check these new fellas are on the ball!
The dinghy fleet was colourful, with promise of intense competition
                                David had 'THAT' look in his eye .. no messing with him today !
                                                Carli was back for more Impulse training,
                                          while the Cue family were having family time

                                                                      Fit as a fiddle !
                                                    Sheldon snuck in from a different angle
                                         Martin keeps showing them a thing or two in the laser
                                                          Scott was concentrating                                                                    
                                                              Morgan had outhaul issues .. all day

                                                            Will has been watching David

                                                         Carli stayed in front of her coach
                                                     she wasn't letting him win...

                                                          Geoff Cue took his granddaughter out
                                                           Phillip and Sheldon were ear to ear
Scott got in there somehow 
                                                          Martin showcases skills

                                                  ..    the downhill rides were exhilarating

                                                     .. but not all went to plan
                                                       one race was enough for the littlest
                                                                   afternoon glow
                                                        Josh wanted just another knot or two..
                                                                Martin was 'flow riding '
                                                                     in cruising mode...
racing progressed through
 CB1, A8, Start, CB1, A8 .. getting the picture?

                                      so we are very grateful when we see the potential for fun
                                                   and we have to thank Josh for that !
                                           because, as we watched him come in on port tack at the start....
                                                          we knew chaos would reign!

                                                               .. and so it proved ...
                                                                      providing ...
                                                          plenty of entertainment
                                        until they finally sorted themselves out and crossed the line!

                                                            Carli and Ray had a nice clean start..
                                                            The yachts finished together
                                                              looking like a real race...
                                                          but Tuan took line honours..
                                                      .. and then the G&T came out ...
                                                      as they took off for a cruise
                                                          Fleur De Lis was not far behind

                                                Super Freaky had the Teen team in charge
                                             the Impulse class hotted up around A8

                                                         with lots of wave action

                                                           it was wet, wet, wet

another day on the harbour!

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