Saturday, March 18, 2017

Another Championship day

                                            The rigging area looked busy, the sky a perfect blue
Yachts headed out, hoisting sails etc along the way

                                          Alexa and Christopher became extras volunteers ...
                                   Fleur de Lis and Doctor's Orders had a battle at the start
                                                              Tuan was lead boat on this tack
                                                            Super Freaky stayed clear of the fray

                                                                          friendly mob!
                                                              John had the crew lined up

and then it was over to the dinghies 
                                          Josh did a quick turn around the start buoy again..
                                                   New members enjoyed the fray in a pacer
                                                             The chase was soon on
                                 Morgan wouldn't miss a week .. and that outhaul was behaving better

                               Martin headed to Vanuatu before he realised he was on his own

                                                           Will was doing the math!

                                                  Benjamin was flitting everywhere in the Moth

                                                         and cutting a fine figure

                                                          and an occasional swim ..
                                                        it was slow and steady in the Impulse fleet

                                                           Josh was hot on the heels of David

                                                    the rest of the team were in amongst it

                                                   Ray and Martin had a rendezvous at the mark

                                           We were taking pictures of people taking pictures...
                                                                  Maria was hard working
                                                                Tim was flying ...
                                                     Will was in front of Tuan
                                                We were concerned the Tonic had run out...
                                                       the rescue boat hurried over...
                                                 but the storm clouds were building in the west

                                                the finish came down to a nose...
                                                     it was declared "Time to go home"                                                                                                                               we could see the storm approaching ...

so we left the yachts to come home wet and bedraggled,
while we watched the view from the bar!

                            Everyone .... back to the club this morning to witness the launch of
                             the Thorpe; restored by Barry Austen over a number of years.

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