Saturday, November 2, 2013

Championship Race 3


                          I played amongst the big boat league this week, to get that refresher course on racing for sheep stations and all that stuff!

                          The dinghies played off in the distance,little orange triangles way over there.......

The yachts paced up and down - the  intimidation game before the start... Yeh that worked... !!

Intriigue was in a rush.. things to do .. places to go.. you know how it is.. 

Doctor's Orders was playing with a full deck..
Lex and Sue were under Orders...

Maria was on her way 'to the far side'


Solitaire was ready to test Lynes mettle ..

with lots of tacking and waves over the bow..

the start boat crew had the flags flying

.. and these guys were anticpating .. No Problem..


there was some Port and starboard movement..
till they all headed off into the blue..

Take a good look here, 'cause these guys come and go as quick as a blink...
Mike was taking the whole thing with customary calm..

Jan and Rick were welcome hands..


while Wistari sailed the angles..
Aga was doing a sideways shift..

Intriigue was first to throw a kite..
Miss Behaviour cruised along .. in no particular rush..

Intriigue set course for home ,

                            .. and No Problem won on Handicap... so no complaints here...



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