Sunday, November 17, 2013

Round the Bay Race with CCYC

                 Ominous clouds, lightening bursts, roiling dark skies and changeable conditions from no wind to 30 knots and back again.. YES .. It was time for the Round the Bay race again...

Feelin blue without our multi hull mates....

the boats were gathered

Preparations under way

the teams were assembling

No Problem taking a casual approach

Lynne ready to cast the lines

Hand on wheel, ready to roll,

Tuen took the lead

"i'm going that way" said Ray

The Jolly Ollie took the rocky road ...

but got away with it...

the haze made it a confusing start ...

the Kayakers took the front look

I took off for a hillside view

the yachts slowly disappeared

                                                       a stormy afternoon and a low tide ..

                                          and while waiting for the race to end..


                                                                   I had a little play...

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