Saturday, November 30, 2013

Championship Heat 4

                             It was a day to be Onshore and out of the choppy and windy conditions; not to mention the threat of getting wet, wet ,wet. However since it was Championship.. those who only appear on rare occasions came out to play...

                               Quite a few of the dinghy crowd were down at Lake Cootharaba enjoying the wet and windy conditions there.

      The view of the start from Spinnaker Park . seems more island holiday blue than I remember

but since I don't see how the camera can deceive...

we'll go with it..

                                    Three multi's  and three monohulls set out on a summers day

                                                              with their little dinghy mates ..
in colourful array..


                                                                   crossing sails at close quarters..
                                                      the multi's had it made..

                                                     the 125 just sailed on by ..

                                                             Miss Behaviour headed my way..

the pacers missed their mates out there..

                                                         Matthew headed for the deep blue sea ....

                                                     the direction was the line ..

                                                        no one seemed quite sure which way to go..

                                                        just head towards Intriigue ..

                                                    the Doc was picture pretty ...

                                                   though the skies were going grey..

                                                            .. the multi's made a fleet of it..

                                                        Peter and Christopher played it cool

                   ..                           the rescue boats on course as well.

                                                    Solitaire was fore and aft..

                                                                  until off the fleet did disappear

                                                              some went North and others South..

                                                         crossed swords at the ready ..

                                                          ..( that does look a bit close ...)


                                                         the bodies were out on Solitaire ..

                                                     which left the dinghies to get underway


finishing the day with a bit of special treatment..

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