Saturday, November 9, 2013

Head of the Harbour Heat 2

                         It was a bit breezy out there on Saturday ... short sharp, little white caps to annoy those trying to get around in flimsy little red inflatables.. testing the mettle of my driver, and forcing me to 'bring out the tea towel' to protect the camera.. however don't be fooled ... we didn't miss a thing!


Lex was ready for a big day

Brad had the ladies aboard to do the work

it was looking like a multi hull course for sure..

wonder why?

We noted the headsail was up again on the troublesome Wocket

.. and the crew were determined to keep it there.
Brad was the Man in Charge on Tuan..

.. the wocketeers decided to go the danger end of the line .. on port tack too..

while the rest of the fleet took the conservative (slow) route

The Doc was lifting it's wings

Tuan and the Doc were on there way ..

Miss Behaviour followed suit
but finally found her way..

across the start line

The pacers stood out against our new Gladstone high rise

Steve and Morgan were picture postcard
Aimee gave lots of encouragement from the Red Rib crew..

Matthew showed steady improvement
he kept at it..

Brett Lubke and crew had a ball..



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