Sunday, October 27, 2013

Head of the Harbour

For the landlubbers the day was hot and dry, for the lucky ones on the water.. the winds were boisterous, the water was blue again and since it was the Cox Plate, the lads were chomping at the bit.

Solitaire and Miss Behaviour were up against the multi fleet. The dinghies keep growing, though Maria was on start boat duties , so was shedding a tear or two..

Solitaire had a perfect start at the pin end and sailed away, hugging Auckland Wharf , never to be seen again .. for a while anyway .. maybe they pulled in for a Macchiato and then re appeared for the finish?

Intriigue and Miss Behaviour were neck and neck which gave the crews plenty of excitement and some speedy deck work.

It was picture postcard as they headed off

Sonofabeach was sailing the conservative start, keeping the speed in reserve for the finish

It was Formula One in the Red Rib as Ian gunned it .. nearly losing Debbie and the cameragirl .. out the back ..
.. but we chased them down to get a few action shots

Until they left us to head down harbour

Over in the Quoin Channel…

Jordy was trying to stay undercover… “no photos “!
What !!! No Photos?
.. That’s just like a red rag to a bull .. isn’t it?

so .. of course we chased him all day!

Sorry Jordy!

But we got bored.. and chased down a few others, like Cooper and Sheldon

.. and John .. who was sailing along without a care in the world..

.. the dinghies lined up .. all nice and tidy..

looking very pretty in their high vis..

.. is that Jordy out in front?

.. and Peter and Christopher getting in some quality time?

.. it was cut throat at the mark ..

the Manns were on the chase

go Christopher...

until we came upon out luckless leader..
.. he was surfing home .. the red rib was superfluous!
Lucky Steve and Morgan had it all under control...

back at the finish line .. Intriigue was cutting a swathe..

and just a reminder ...

Hey John...

there is that boat that !



                                    The landborne had to put up with a hot and sweaty summer Saturday, but the lucky were out on the harbour in boisterous breezes, clear blue water( clear of harbour traffic .. not croatia clear )

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