Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fairway Buoy Race

                            Another Saturday, another yacht race,...

       with perfect conditions for a speedy outward reach to the Fairway
                         and a swift spinnaker return up the harbour ..

the stayers and the players were on the start line.. evan briefly for some..

The birthday boy had a new toy.

                           the crew of Miss Behaviour were up to tricks

Sonofabeach was ready to play

                              There was a fight for the helm on the Doc
Others had work to do...

                                          .... or other places to sail..


                             Max and Barry had the 'officials' launch covered

                                   Yachts jostled for the start as always


                                    It was just as well this crew ..

                                    went out early and had a 'shake down ' sail..

because it was a "hello" and "goodbye" from them right after the start..
 the multi hull fleet and a mono displayed their assets

                           Two Wright was showing off its chines.

Ray needed some time alone ..

                                        so he took the solo challenge..

                           Doctor's Orders had gone troppo..

                       The new kids on the block  were smiling.. Haha..
                        ..........first Fairway Buoy race obviously!

                            away they went .. while we motored behind for a while



Intrigue had the new Go Pro on board ..
looks like we may have a new addition to the weekly blog ..

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