Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lady Skippers Day 2013

                                   It was Lady Skippers Day


That Day we all look forward to..

when women of the Port Curtis Sailing Club
not only grace our yachts with beauty,
good humour,
with sound advice ,
and a careful lookout

but take command

grasp the helm,

cast the lines ,

stock enough Champagne to get us through,

and take our men to the great adventure of

Women on Water

Now according to Tony ( Observer Friday 23rd August)

"A woman should be on the helm at all times"

Evan if sometimes it feels like bondage!!
On No Problem , ever ,
we were shown the ropes early ...

I delegated the skipper job out to Maria

and Maree
Rag Top had Lynne calling the paces

On Miss Behaviour they were still baptising the team

the crew were looking relaxed

and worry free

Up and down round and round , the kites were a pretty site

Claire had the commanding position

She wasn't afraid to chase us down..

she didn't scare Maria ...

come get us !!!

 Maryke wasn't far behind

while the three wise guys

kept their counsel..

Dave was happy to take a womans advice

but Michello

was not quite so sure

all over for another year

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