Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Three Island Race

 It was a beautiful winters day in CQ, with blue skies, the wind skittering across the water, crystal clear  reflections and a fleet of yachts and team of runners prepared to enjoy the day.

                          Thylacine was the first boat off the pontoon and Mike and Brett Stevens
                                                              took it away for the runners

Mike was into it from the word "GO"

followed by Brett who changed tack before the start gun

and with a happy crew Thylacine was away///

.. then along came Tuan..all in order

but I missed the runner I was so intrigued by the action on board..

Third in line was No Problem... with a few aboard for the morning outing

                                    ....the first of the multi's for .... which PCSC is becoming renowned..

Charmaine was afloat with triumph ... and that was just the first run!!

 and so .. away

Intriigues runners came at pace ...

a father / son team .. perhaps.??

.. jumped aboard and the quick tri was gone ..

then along came Mark .. a streak in fine form as usual..

and behind him his team..

and with Lex and his new recruits Brad and Graham

                                        They spent a bit of time doing ship board safety ..

                                  and that was the last boat ... finally away..

                      ...... now ......there were lots of adventures,...
                                               people fell out of dinghies,
                                               and boats touched the odd bit of gravel or sand,
                                                         some did a circle or two...

                          but ... everybody came home with the same numbers they left with ....

                                                 and  they were all still smiling

                                                   so that's a pretty good day....



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  1. 3 Islands Race 27 July 2013 Ok... As I See it

    It started off as a lovely winter’s days sailing on Tuan with Brad & Maryke Barker.

    We were allocated 2 runners...all good.. We attached the dingy and headed to the wharf to pick them up. Thylacine was ahead of us and we were to start at 9.11am. Not a worry there and we headed on after them, runners aboard.

    Reaching Campeesie Island was where all the fun started. We had been warned there were crab pot a plenty and were going to cause a bit of a hazard for some. We prepared to get the runners into the dingy and noticed a Curtis ferry lingering. They wanted to offload at the ramp so we decided it better to let them go first and we would then let the runners row to shore. Seemed like a good plan but the poor runners were tossed about trying to row in the soupy wake caused by the boat.

    Then there was a call from Thylacine to inform all of us in the vicinity that there was a possible crab pot rope around their prop. We sailed around waiting for the runners to get back and watched the other participants arrive. Doctor’s orders comes in heading for shore at what could only be described as “flying” Look out for the........bouy! Too late, the bouy popped out behind. There was a scramble to get their runners ashore. in what can only be described as a toy dingy. There were three good sized runners trying to get into that dingy... or not. It had taken on just a “little” water and with 3 guys trying to get in as well... it kinda sank and Lex was then informed that it was the first we heard that this leg was a swim leg... Poor guys, they had to swim for it and the rescue boat was called to help retrieve the dingy. All I can say is Margy is one strong lady! She manhandled that little boat aboard Herc like a champion.

    Next bit of entertainment was Intriigue. It was nice of them to get close to shore for their runners but actually being on the shore was probably not what they had in mind exactly. There were a few adjectives heard but all turned out for the best in the end.

    “No Problem” had no problems getting their runners organised and we all finally headed for the next Island being Quoin and the run there was a breeze. Runners were dispatched and retrieved and it was plain sailing from there to the finish.

    Tuan continued in her tradition of being the G&T boat and we enjoyed a little lunch as well on the home leg.

    We arrived to the finish with all on board dry and happy ( the only boat with no runners or crew having to get wet) be it last but we did get the biggest trophy for that privilege.

    As I see it by Marion Hughes