Saturday, October 12, 2013

Club Championship No 2


                                          Ah! Championship

                                 The day the gremlins come out..
                Championship days seem to bring out the devil in skippers.

Mild mannered reporter types become obsessed with that ephemeral thing called "air space"  ...or lack of it .... my space, no space, lack of space, not to mention large black and yellow buoys lost in space!!

                      but first ....
                                on deck early and calm as can be..

                    Marchello was prepared for any conditions at sea
                   on the big boats .. everybody was feeling the tension...

                                ...   the line up was tidy and tight

ready for a bit of competition

                           ..the dinghies were looking like a well teamed fleet

                          Solitaire saw  Lynne and her "follow me" flag..
Miss Behaviour had the pre race blues...

Wistari made a rare appearance

                        The start was loud, with calls and shouts..

                               closely packed, "up, up , up," "air, air, air"

                            The pocket rocket slipped through the fleet

                                   some took the road less travelled

                           while Wistari went for cover amongst the shipping

                        ... with five minutes of fame they disappeared

                                        But 'over the other side '

                                      twin pacers fought it out,                               

                                 Jackson, Maria, Ray all tussled at the buoys

                                          John was searching for a sign...

                                     .. and eventually he found ..
                                               Yacht Bank Buoy
there was teeth gritting stress...

                                              the action tense ...

                                             Race 2 countdown

                       .....  and the fleet are synchronised on port

                            ... all except Ray
                                            ... on starboard tack..

                                     it could have turned nasty,

                                        the camera was poised...

                               but skill and dexterity won the day ..

                              that is .. every sailor displayed skill and dexterity
there was a little bit of this and a little bit of

                                                      that ...

                        We watched Miss Behaviour come home with a kite

and do you remember how it all looked at the start ?
                                          well...   forget that ..
                                it never looks like that at the finish..

it's a lot more relaxed ..

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