Saturday, September 3, 2016

Patrons Day 2016; the beginning of a new season


                              A new season of sailing 


            New boats, new sailors, and well established members of the Port Curtis Sailing Club,
                                          rolled up for the start of a new Season of Sailing.
Adrian was in Laser land

                                                    Alexa Mann took on start boat duty

A gaggle of guys catching up..

Vibrant colour and a buzz of activity after the winter -
  Brian was happy!

                     David Mann and David Cue both have new Impulse dinghies to test each others mettle,                                                  Peter Mann is sailing Tar Fun this season..
                                                  David will be fending off all season...

                                         It is a great sport where families sail together

                                                  Morgan just beat Dad, Steve around the mark
                                          while Martin and Jackson had a tactical talk between races..

                             There was a new Laser added to the fleet.. Welcome Albert!

Let the racing begin !

                                                It was a slow start, but there were no complaints...

                                                     Good to see Jackson as relaxed as usual..

                                     Mike Philips in Thylacine took line honours at the start

Followed by SonofaBeach and Intriigue

                                              Then the dinghy fleet readied for battle...

                                         ...  wafting in the breeze, but reflections were pretty!

                                                          The view hasn't changed ...

                                .. it was around the cans all together for a bit of united sailing

                                                          there was neck and neck racing ...

                                                    and some measured consideration...

                                                               .. a few angles ...

                                                           and a few passing by...

                                                           coloured sails made an appearance ..

one played for the paparazzi...

                                    Will Mc Dougall has stepped up into the Impulse fleet,

                                                        David may have a new boat,

                                                               .. but his style hasn't changed!

                                                            Peter was close all day

                                                         the big boats kept in the mix as well..

                                                          i Boat is worth watching ..

                                                       just a pleasant day for all..

                                                  Thanks for a bit of colour from Tim and Will

                                                            as Claire the helm...

                                                    the late afternoon sun glittered on the water

                                                              Martin was relaxed ...

                                                        Thylacine mixed it with the dinghies

                                                         Orange works for Will..

                                                           Peter and Peter were under control...

                                                   Race Two started with interesting potential
                        as dinghies counted down the final minute and Thylacine crossed the finish line !


                                                          Pete was chasing David

                                                   Morgan and Martin tag teamed

                                                    Max and Dave were back in Herc

Race Two was a starboard course..  

                                               Christopher was getting the hang of the Bic

                                       and the Red Rib crew of Ken, Lynne and myself
                                             kept an eye out for 'photographic moments' .
                                             So let us finish with Thylacine under spinnaker


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