Sunday, June 26, 2016

The PCSC Smit LamNalco Sailing Regatta

              The weather was light, the sky a perfect blue, there was a crisp freshness to the air,
                                        a cool breeze wafting over the decks in the afternoon...
                                           what could be better than that on a winters day !

                            Day I saw a quiet exit from Auckland Creek, and a slow first race...


                                               Our spectator boat had talented crew

                                                              and the sponsors on board...

                                                        were represented on the water as well...

                               there was the odd, unconventional  craft.. an International Canoe,

                                                                  to test the handicapper!

                                                                 a jumbled sort of start...

                                                           Ten  Impulses to fill the fleet

                                                               the small fry went out in sabots...

                                                                 ...visitors from other clubs

                                                           Multi hulls and trimarans of various types

                                                              Brett just needs a coconut or two!

                                                               It was slow progress..
                                                                 ...but colourful

                                                          some congestion at the marks ...

                                                       a few tried some angles..

                                                          while others looked a little glum..

Christopher stopped by for a bite to eat

and more would have stopped by , if they had seen the lunch the Yacht club provided !
so while we supped, the race went on...

until with a sudden gust, the breeze arrived and it all looked more exciting ...

the Cats got up...and hummed..

Spinnakers appeared...

there was speed..


and hiking out...

water splash,

and action shots

The second Race was faster and more fun for everyone ,

and in the golden setting sun, the sailors

headed in to party !

Sunday dawned, and after a hot breakfast at the clubhouse, we all headed out again for another drifter

but you can't really complain ...

when this is winter!

A bit Robinson Caruso in the Corsair !

The guests were not complaining !

neither were the staff!

It was picturesque!

though the young looked Restless!


the crew tried all manner of things...

most of them were in the same boat!

.. and a big Thankyou to all of the volunteers who helped to make it happen!


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