Saturday, September 10, 2016

Head of the Harbour Series1

                                           Light winds made for a slow day on the water,
                                   with a max of ten knots recorded by the Start boat team.


                            .. but when you have blue skies, calm water, and a lovely sunny day ,
                                                               who is complaining ?

                                 Super Freaky ran it's own lonely race  down the harbour ..
                                           but I am sure they had a good sail regardless.
                                               It must have been Dad's day to babysit because
                                                   there were a few family groups in the pacers

                                           Next week I need the names of the Munchkins !


Christopher took the lonely sail across to Quoin 

                                                Martin thought he had that start perfectly planned....

                                                   tide ....           happens to the best of sailors ..

                                                                       it was close quarters ..

                                                             Is this sailing Dad?

                                                              Will was leaning right into it..

                                                       Morgan and Martin battled at the buoys

                                                            Ray was looking good was Albert

                                                 The Munchkin crews were starting to like it ...

David cruised along ...

                                            while Benjamin cruised past silently in the Moth...

                                               There was close racing mid fleet all afternoon..

                                                  David gave us false hope for an exciting shot ...

                                                                    just a tease...

                                                    so we went looking for colour ..

                                  Tim is always eye catching in his 'Look like a Pirate' Impulse..

                                                                    Families played together

                                                              Will looked good ..

                                                     Benjamin zoomed back into view..

                                                      The start crew keep an eye on Ray ..

                                                 and David checks whether he got away with that ...

                                                             As the Moth takes it away...

                                                  Christopher happily did his race within a race

                            It was close all day among this group..  But where is Maria ? 

                                                 .. and by then it was time to head home ..

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