Saturday, September 24, 2016

Club Championship - The first of the season

                                           Championship day usually brings out all the players,
                             and while we noted the absence of Scott - out injured- probably for the season,
                                 the rest of the crews were present.
Shot of the day goes to young William Mc Dougall
Will is working hard and showing increased skill every week.

                                                                   It was a lovely sight as boats were rigged

                                                               Morgan was cheerful

                                                         Yachts headed out for some warm up runs at the line

                                                 ..Sonofabeach sped past .. flying

                                                     Tony and Robert sailed the Super Freaky

                                                          Restless hadn't been seen for a while ..

                                                  Head on from Ray

                                                   Will was cruising and testing how flat he could be...

                                        Peter was looking like a threat in TarFun

                                                      The yachts took to the start

                                                   Doctor's Orders took a speedy approach

Restless was well crewed

                                                    Take Two ...

                                               .. and away they went for a trip down the harbour


                                              David was looking kinda lonesome ...

                                             the dinghy fleet lined up for a starboard start... well most did!!

                                               Steve clearly wanted to be the target..

and then it was over to the race course to watch some of the action ...

                                                                  A8 featured prominently

                                                        as buoy rounding' sorted the fleet

positions changed


                                      that done a second race was on the agenda..

                                                  a closely packed start line this time ...

                                                 this time Sheldon decided to paly on the port side ...

                                                 then two triangles and a sausage ...

                                                     close racing ...

                                                           that corner just kept tipping Morgan over..

Sheldon was 'into the blue'

                                         the big blue kite on the 'Beach took our eye

                                         Martin was taken out by tandem Impulse work

                                         he needs Jackson for support ...

                                                         each boat crossed the finish line

                                                    the faithful team on the MV Jack recording it all

                                        back to the club , where the main street ends at the water ...               


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