Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sprint Series 2 .. and the sky was an interesting mix of light and cloud

                      It was a dinghy fleet turn out for the second sprint series, with none of the yachts coming out to play. Wistari, Restless and No Problem all made it to Brisbane on a rare pleasant delivery trip, though Restless waited until the final moment to make a story out of their trip!

                      However all will be fired up and ready for the start gun next Friday for the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race.

Back at the PCSC, the skies were threatening from the north west, but it remained that way and we all stayed dry.  But there was certainly some unusual contrasts of light..

                                                             The fleet headed out..


                                                Murray was at Spinnaker Park with the video camera
                                                                  checking those starts...

                                                      there were only a few, but they are dedicated...

                                                          The Pocket Rocket boys were getting into it..

                                                    Sheldon and Tierney were undercover -Not !

                                                                    the wockets came back...

                                                 David was on track.....Approaching the first mark

                                          Christopher did some serious hanging off the gunnels!


                                                          Just when he relaxed ....

                                                             Peter rocked the boat!

                                                             Morgan went solo on a Laser..

                                                          there were Impulse sailors ..

                                                             practising their skills ..

                                                             Spinnaker runs ...

downhill legs,

                                                           Reflections on the water

                                                         Black and white looked good too..

Unusual light ...

                                                                   Rescue boat heroes ..

                                                            Three starts.......


                                                                   Big boat wins ....

                                                      Oops .. You right there Morgan?

                                                                     No Problem!!

Off goes Tim..

The passing parade....


                                                            The M V  Mortenson crew

                                                  and gentle downhill sails to the finish line.


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