Saturday, April 18, 2015

Head of the Harbour Heat 1

                        The light was tricky all afternoon, from glaring bright to dull and grey...

                                      and the action on the water was a bit "same, same" as well...

                       so there may have been a little more 'tweaking and playing' this week

                                              Mike and the team were raring to go ..

Scott was out with Maria and Ray

Intriigue played its part

                                               against the dash and speed shown by Thylacine

                                          Everyone was a minute late for the start... (Off court judges rule)

                          so the yachts headed off on their unrecorded journey down harbour


                                                        .. just a trio it was

                                                            then time for a dinghy start ..

                                                                   Matthew and friend ..

                                  now the skiff was a no show , but this looked like it could be interesting

                                                           in between dinghies ...

                                                        and a new player Adrian Rae, on the laser

                                                  and then we realised we knew this fellow ...

Which meant we didn't have to be polite .. we could stalk him for awhile


                                                             .. it wasn't all speed and action

there were spills too

                                                           and the effort to take it home ...

                                                              David and Colleen manned  Herc

                                                               keeping an eye on the spills

                                                          and the families

                                                                      Race 2 began

                                No....  That didn't really work Scott....back to the end of the line!

                                              Ditched the passenger and raring to go...



                                                        Round and round ..

                                                      the sky darkened ...


                                                               the scene was industrial ..

                                                         but it mattered not!

We bought our own colour ..

                                                       and competition ...

                                                       back came the yachts ..

                                                                  to play amongst us

                                                            spinnakers aloft,

                                                                  blown the cobwebs away..

                                                     with the last of the light


time to head home ..

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