Saturday, March 7, 2015

Championship No 6 brings everyone out to race!

                              Once again there were boats, sailors, volunteers and colour,
                                           everywhere around the PCSC yesterday!

                         Benjamin and his Moth were back... That was exciting for some of us!

                                  So grab a coffee, or a run and coke and sit back and enjoy !!

There were different boats and lots of colour

old faces

                                                                   and old friends
The Impulse class is growing

It was hot ..

Steve was padding up for the pacer

There were family affairs

                                                                    Postcard views

and a few big boats!

                                                  It was all looking good from the Pontoon

                                                          Mike was back on the water ..

                                                            Big boats towed little boats!

                                                                 Let's just get out there!
even Slim!

The Moth was going to be fun .. for all of us!
It's all about balance apparently... and youth too?

Racing got underway for the yachts

Important work on the Red Rib was already underway!

It was going to be serious work on Solitaire today!

                                                          No rig issues Thankyou!

                                                     All away to mixed fortunes!

                                                   Super Freaky was in Slims care ...

                                                    and Sonofabeach had not a trouble in the world!

It was back to the dinghy start..

                                         It was the biggest line up we have seen for a while ..

                                              David quickly tacked away to sail his own race

                                                         Everyone else tried ..

Keppel friends dealt with tide .. but no surf!

The cat loved it ..

The moth mixed it with the rest

                                        and then flew by...

                                        that Gas ship sent us all back again for another start !


Ben kept Ray on his toes ..


                                                          .. and look we did turn on the Surf!


The Pacers were a little slower than the Impulse fleet

                                                     10  to 13 knots .. enough Steve?

                                                        Incoming Moth...

                                                       Lots of flash and sizzle ..

                                          and out on trapeze again..

                                                      It's here, there and everywhere ..

                                           Lets. not forget , Gilligan and Mary Anne

                                                                      The skipper too? ( for a day)

                             .. and that would have to be the Professor giving us all a bit of What For !!

                                                             now back on the course

                                                   . we noticed that just didn't seem good !!

                                  and before we could change the memory card!  It was gone!

.. but let's not dwell on it.. Sonofabeach had a fine looking finish..
 The Moth was still buzzing around

                                                The dinghies sailed a second race..

                                                                    meeting at marks ..

                                               learning about tide..

                                                               neck and neck to the end


                                                           The pacers enjoyed buoy rounding..

                                                       Yachts came home under kite!

                                                   Super Freaky not far behind

                                         and Thylacine with her Rocket Ship...

.. the end of the day of Sailing ..

and then it was onto presenting Colleen Sawatski with
the honour of Life Member of the PCSC.
John made speeches and presentations..

                                                      Colleens family added to the story..

                                                    It couldn't be done without Martin...
Flowers and wine was a celebration for all...

Congratulations Colleen, no one is more deserving of the honour!  


  1. G-Day,

    Great dinghy photos! Interesting that you have a YW Keelboat sailing at the club. I sail Classic Moth's as a Yank and am interested in contacting the Impulse sailors on how they tune their rotating masts on their Impulse's. I write a sailing blog as well and you can find my email on my profile at

    Thanks for any help

  2. Thanks Tweezerman,
    I will have a look at your blog.. They are lots of fun and I certainly enjoy writing the blog and of course sharing the weekly photos I take . I will pass your query onto the Impulse sailors,