Monday, March 16, 2015

Handicap Series 4 and once more the fleet was small but keen

                      Only one yacht and four dinghies turned out for Handicap Series 4, but it was good to see Martin and Will back on the water in fine form, Benjamin on his Moth to provide thrills and excitement, and almost more rescue bots than competitors.

                                                 The moth mingled with the rest at the start..

                                                           and showed its amazing flexibility..

                                                                             as it tilted to fly past Ray...

                                      sun on the sails .. it looked like an interesting afternoon ahead..

.. everybody's a photographer these days,

                                               as the Herc crew headed off to follow the fleet

                                                              Steve and Morgan were in the mix..

                                                    Bank Cheque past us by

                                               Will was back on the helm with Martin as his crew

                                                              concentration was intense

                                                                 approaching the mark..

                                                                    From  Zoom, zoom,..

                                                               to a more gentle pace..

                                                      waiting for everyone else ... long wait!

                                                              striking scenes

                                                         Maria and Ray were the Impulse fleet

                                                      Steve and Morgan wore the wave

                                                    There was a change of skipper halfway through...

                                                         Intrigue got lonely and came over to play

                                                             a race to the last finish

                                                            the sail home was a blast..

                                            Maria certainly enjoyed being back on the water!

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