Monday, October 27, 2014

Head of the Harbour Series continuation

                         It was all very quiet down at the PCSC on Saturday....hardly any boats at all..

                            Restless and Super Freaky, and a handful of dinghies... where was everybody?

                                                   Aga and Scott were looking at churches..???
Then finally getting to see The Rolling Stones...

                                                         At least they had a very good excuse!

                                           Meanwhile it was a day for the people...a few rock stars

                                                    Georgia ... learning the ropes on Super Freaky

                                                          Mum , Selina

                  Tierney and Sheldon .. they didn't want a tow , but they got one anyway!
                                   .....  don't argue with Ken when his back is hurting!

David was in coaching mode ..

                                               Maria was determined not to give an inch..

                                                           Ray was ready for another day..

                                                            Matthew and Davida teamed up..

                                                 Morgan and Steve sorted things out ..

                                         Barry was hanging out with ..


                                                         while colleen did the business end..

                                                      David was doing some serious training ...

                                                     and some serious thinking...about training ..

                                               Ray was coming out of the sun

Matthew had Mum aboard ..

The tussles were heartfelt..

                                                 Versatile Matthew .. he can sail anything!

                                             Muriel and Glen were keeping a lookout

                                                           David and Ray swapped boats ..

                                                  David was already missing his boat..

                                                   but Ray was loving David's boat..

Maria was playing a close game...

                                             David has a way with the main ...

plenty of start action

Steve and Morgan had it under control ..

                                              with Tierney and Sheldon chasing them down..

                                                       there was close racing all day..

                                                                 family affairs ..

                                                             .... lots of twisting and turning ,,


sunlight on water...


                                                                  zooming in ....

                                                                     on everyone..

Action and industry..

                                                             starts ..........

                                                              close calls....

                                                    and round and round they went!


and finishes ..


                                              By the end of  the dinghy races ..
                               Super Freaky had finished .. but Restless was still out

wearing a 'training' main

all smiles ...Rob had a good day

smiling for mum .. that's it Carli!

If you weren't there , you missed a great afternoon on the water1

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