Saturday, October 18, 2014

Championship No 2 for the season... and a windy one!

                                          Championship 2


            Auckland Creek may look deceptively calm, but the incoming tide accompanied
                         by a 15- 22 gusting South Easterly sorted a few out yesterday!

                                    But I digress......let's go back to the start of the day

                                                 as the sailors arrive to rig their boats..


                             Michael Noy, ex PCSC member , now races his own boat in Melbourne
where a couple of visiting VIP's thought they should " help
the old man rig his boat"!

Well it takes Three......

Benjamin would have been wise to listen to the wind earlier...
                                            Some were just sitting back and chewing the fat...

                                                           Barry was doing the paperwork!

                                             and Ken .. Camera boat driver extraordinaire!

Matthew and Martin had no such fears...their paperwork was done!

                                        after much persuasion the VIPs decided to trial a Pacer !

                                                               We know boats!

                                      Yes, Auckland Creek was looking like a breeze....

                               However... Benjamin soon found where that loose nut was!

                      That was his day could have been worse  given the conditions outside

                                                                 The Yacht race started ..

                                               Those on trapeze had a wet ride planned

                                                     Super Freaky played some angles

but looked pretty comfortable....

The dinghies came out of the afternoon sun ...can we change that?

                                                   David took the lead early.....

                                     but Scott wasn't far behind...Grrrr!

                                        Martin and Matthew were keeping pace!

Moving along the course....

Jackson and young crew

a rescue team , here and there..

                                           David was fiercely concentrating ...

                                                              .. hanging on for the ride!

                                                            surfing to the mark..

that's where all that practise shows!

M&M had some tactical discussions..

                                                   .. which got them synchronised...

                                                 The young and daring insisted on a spinnaker..

they worked it out as they went!

                                              mark rounding.. No Problem!

                                                        Maria was literally flying!

Tiernan and Melanie were wet wet wet!

                                                        David was back at the mark again!

                                                                   Scott too!

                                                                   .. and smiling !

                                                             Jackson and crew were between waves

                                                          pressure.... pressure!

                                      Everyone was dodging waves... including the Red Rib Team!

                                                 Super Freaky came back .. only to retire!

                                                 There was grunt and pain everywhere!

                                                              Except here .....

                                                                       Ray looking smooth..

                                                          Face plants of wave!

                                                    Tandem sailing..

quick peeks..

A disproportionate number of shots of No 1 son.. and ex PCSC sailor Michael Noy


                                                 ...... and no apologies for that!

okay .. that's over!
Tim was late due to technical difficulties,,, but good on him for joining Race Two.!

                                     Then everyone else started to experience technical difficulties!

                                                          Teams to watch ...

                                                             Techniques to trial....

                                             Dad to the rescue...  well! He was already WET!

                                                                 Then back to racing!

The Big Bosses had the Big Boat

Tim looked for guidance


flying again!

                                                                   Looking sharp!

                                                                        Pain again!

                                                                 Pilates? Yoga? See Muriel!

                                                                   Good times

Now .. things were about to get tricky for Ray and Maria 
but fun for us!
It's nice when you get a sequence of events!

                                              Lots of encouragement directed from the boat!

But doesn't Gladstone Harbour look clean?

                                                         .. and Tim made it home

There were moments when Ken had his doubts!

                                             Solitaire crew were the only big boat to finish...

The club was busy

                                                            Bedraggled but Victorious!

So a fun day was had by all.. Blaney, Ken and I came home wet too! No dry boat for us...
Thank Goodness for Think Tank Rain cover for the camera...
And a big thanks to Ken.. we 're getting good at this!

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