Saturday, October 11, 2014

Head of the Harbour 11/10/14

                      It was time for some BG BOAT sailing, so out came No Problem from the marina,

                                                         boosting the yacht fleet to five...

                        The dinghy fleet had gone .. obediently chasing the "follow me " red rib!
                               Blaney's knees have recovered so she was back to sail her Bic again...
Scott was running late,,

                                                      ...  and hiking all the way...

                                                   The MV Jack Mortenson held  a magnetic attraction..   


                                                           as yachts lined up for the start..

                                                 Greg was resting on trapeze ( his story, not mine!)

                                                           Martin had a big ticket view..

                                                  Super Freaky has had a make over, ( nice shirts!)

                          while the 'lads' on Sonofabeach must have been dreaming of surf!

... out in front was Dannon , Jordy and Trevor... already gone!

First mark,Middle Bank, (for something different),

a few portraits along the way..
along with some cheery waves..

                                                             Old friends visiting ......

New kids on the block..
Back views are not bad too!

going through the tacks


                                                          the  Rocket Pocket Wocket  chasing ..


                                                                        Pretty colours


The boys keeping dehydration at bay...

                                                performance enhancing .. perhaps?

                                                  Greg stayed out on a limb..

                                                      Dirk and Peter caught up with the news..

                                  Ken was elevated from red rib driver to Big Problem driver ...

                                                       .... and took his crew with him!


                                          Glenys braved it , though the betting was against her...

while Tim Williams dad , Tom took the helm..
and Ken too, looking for that elusive mark..
Note the high quality standard of catering ...

                                                         Graham was checking it all out..

                                           Muriel was enjoying the soft breeze and sunshine

Finally a few spinnakers came out
pretty, pretty,

and then they came down again...

                                                            ..once the race was over;

                                          we caught up with the dinghies coming home.

Maybe Martin should take the crew out on No Problem too?
for all rounded experience...

                                                           some more re- hydration..

                                                  ..     it's hard work you know!

and then back to the marina ,
where we found a very interesting boat in the car park..
Oh.. that's right ...
that was the crew girls!
it was all very technical..

                                                         That's what I said .. BOAT!

                                                                  I wonder if he sails ?


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