Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sprint Race Series 1

Another beautiful day in paradise and members of the PCSC headed for the water.. as you do!

                        Steve was officer in charge of the radio... he who must be obeyed for the day!
Barry was figuring out the stop watch... and Martin was in mascot position stabilising the team..

                                    There were bodies aplenty.. just a shortage of yachts...

                                                         ......there was music in the sails

The main players got underway...

.. they make you earn your G&T on Tuan..

The first race started.. the big boat took the honours..

There was action aplenty on Tuan

                                                          Solitaire tried to live up to expectations..

                                                There were other boats to play with...

                                                                    .. for the daring ..

                                                          everything is UP on a pacer...

                                         Ray had to watch his back .. cause Carli was chasing him..

                                                        as she and Amanda joined the throng..

                             You want my attention?  .... big , colourful kites win every time! was Arabian Nights and a harem .. on Intriigue

With Claire in the command position..

                           Brad must have HAD to do everything on Tuan .....he was front, back , helm..

                                                 must have been G&T time for the crew..

                                They kept sailing into the light ... makes MY job challenging !!

getting tied up in knots


zooming by...

                                                                      .. on their ear...

                                                 Sonofabeach played an interesting hand...



                                                                 with Dave on the helm..
Solitaire kept under the radar.
meanwhile back to the dinghies ...
Everyone was going round and round .. triangle , sausage, triangle , sausage, sausage, sausage
 as you do!

they may have been only few, but they had a lot of fun..


                                     the yachts came round for Race two .. which proved quite interesting..

                                            Solitaire WAS racing for a thoroughbred .. at least!

             They were jockeying for positions,.. right from the call.... "and they're off and racing "...

                                             It seems they can't all fit in the saddle ...

Oops .. did we lose one or is he hanging in the straps?

Then came the start of the day....
Port , Starboard, head on, great for photos .. don't stop now !

                              Maybe Dave had been sailing on Immigrant for too long... Hey Jeff?

                                                            Peeling away .. sail your own race ... etc etc

Muriel was on the foredeck... no G&T for her...

                            Colleen and Dirk were in easy reach of ... you know! .. The winch..

.. back at the dinghies ,... where water is a luxury...
Ray was ahead of Morgan and Martin..


the girls were smiling..

.. and we can end on my favourite shot of the day..
as Morgan and Martin come around the mark in reflected glory!


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