Sunday, April 20, 2014

Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race 2014..

                                             From Brisbane to Gladstone ..

                The big race has come around again... a few changes to the fleet this year,
                                                    a few friends missing in action.
            . a few who mistakenly prefer snow skiing to the excitement of downhill ocean racing .....

                                             At Sandgate, the morning was calm and misty


                            The crews were still asleep , saving up for the non stop action ahead..

                            as the day progressed , final goodbyes were said, formal photos taken,

                                          Restless had Rock stars who flew in for the event...

                                                   Wistari were all kitted out in formal attire..

                                                     Scott gave a serious looking interview
while on No Problem,
we took a more casual approach..
Last year ..there were sounds of unrest over the 'Orange" shirts
so this year I threw them a 'lifeline'
First I found three ...
finally I got five... ..
Out went the Very Important People .. including our very own Mayor Gail Sellers, Kenny Watson and Jim Thomas..
 We media get VIP FAST boats
...My Northside Marine power ride with Greg and Keith Nickerson ..
Keith was an old Sharpie sailor , who sailed three B to G on Wistari with Noel, had done a lot  on Laurabada  ..  plus many more ..
so I knew I was in with the right crew...
I soon spotted some familiar hulls...
and faces...

South Passage had a few Gladstonites aboard as well,
including the skipper .. Liz Datson, John Hammond from Qantas link etc.. 
The oldies were there ,
with some young blood ..

                                                                and a few familiar faces..


                                                .... some were taking a more celebratory approach...

                                              apparently the fridge had limited cooling time ,

                                               so you had to drink fast and early to get a coldie!

There were a few other yachts around ...
Mates sailing with mates..
a few wearing new livery...

                                                     some who needed a bigger cockpit ..

                                                         the old Bobsled..

                                                       and a few who caught our eye

                                                        final adjustments were being made..

but we weren't really interested in them....

those old boats..

we were looking for ..

                                                                             and them,

and them....

                                                    ....and most especially .. THEM
                                                                      especially those two

we ran hither and thither.. taking shots

                                                         Keith as boat guide ..


The pin end had a magnetic attraction..

                                                           a little too early for some ..

                                              the big boats took off..

                                                              towards us ..

what a sight .. fantastic..

                                                                        we chased them for awhile ...                                




said our good byes then headed back thru the fleet..

and then to the REAl  RACE .. the multihulls .20 minutes behind the monos,
.that's a goodbye from Shaun..

                                                 Then back we went to see a few more..

Time for the multi hull start ..

                                                      No breaking the line here!



away they all went to go through all kinds of frustration with no wind , sitting in the doldrums
while we went home to Gladstone to watch BOQ come screaming down the harbour
finishing at approx. 6.00 pm.Saturday

More to come when No Problem gets home!

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