Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sprint Series Race 3 & 4

                           Sprint Series 3&4 - The Phantom Race

                                Rob turned up with Greg and crew, Solitaire was out there,

                                                 Herc was there with Martin and Marion,

                          The MV Mortenson was there, with Barry, Lynne and one other;

                                   ......... the red rib was there with Ken and the paparazzi


                                                          Sorry .. no selfies this week!

                                                      Peter and Christopher were early,


                                                                         Maria arrived

                                                Muriel and Colleen joined the party,

                                                        but where was everybody else?

                                                          Tony and Claire were at work!


Restless was at Sandgate , waiting ......
Wistari was at Sandgate waiting ...........
No Problem was on it's way to Sandgate...

                                                   But what  is going on at Sandgate? ..........

                                                   Well... in case you didn't know..
                                At the Port Curtis Sailing Club, we have our own sailing legend,

                                   and it seems , The Queensland Cruising Yacht Club recognise that...

this year, Maryke Barker, was invited to speak at the Pre - Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race
Sportsman' dinner
'Sailing Legends'

                       .. and having had the privilege of previewing the power point presentation,
                                I think we  should all get to see a bit of that presentation.

                                  It started with sabot sailing ...yes that is Gladstone Harbour
at the helm from an early age ...
                                   until Marykes' father Theo, decided they should return to Holland

                                                                       by sea on Cetonia


Maryke and her mother and father in Sydney before leaving.

I would asked this question... But WHY Ray?
however Maryke was obviously far more adventurous...
and  started writing ... as you do. about her experiences


Life at sea was not all sunbaking on the deck ....

.. and a lime squash.....
( in those days)

                                                            There were oceans to cross...   

in all weathers ...
sharks to battle ....


                                                                     engines to fix....


Charts to plot...
Dad to check ...

.. and when they got there... everyone spoke Dutch!
and there was still sailing to be done!
.. after a year or so.. it was time to begin the journey home..
By now .. I would have chosen Qantas...
 but Maryke and family set off in Cetonia to complete the trip of a lifetime via the Galapagos' Islands and the Pacific
until they arrived home in Gladstone to much fan fare...

      as we know , since then Maryke has always  been involved in sailing,
Learn to Sail, first female Commodore of the Port Curtis Sailing Club, and the list goes on ..
.. sailing with a young family,

                                                            more yachts, and bigger yachts

BHP Youth Regattas

                                                                  and PCSC Learn to Sail..

note all those cool shades!
.. and still sailing ...

                                                      Congratulations Maryke ..
                     and perhaps someone will persuade her to show us all that Powerpoint
                                              and share the stories of a sailing life

                                                 I haven't finished yet...

On a recent Saturday Martin Cooper took his Go Pro out and took some nice candid shots of you all sailing so I am going to add those  here and then finish with a few more shots of the die hard sailors who were in Gladstone and not just waiting around somewhere!

Selfies! Those boys !

and a few to finish from this week, on a busy harbour.. just not with yachts!

                                                .. and a fair bit of other stuff was going on too..


                                   the next blog will be a round up of the Brisbane to Gladstone Races

                                                        Happy Easter, Safe Sailing ..




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