Sunday, June 1, 2014

Port Curtis Sailing Club Trophy Night

                           Thanks must go to Aga for some of the photos included this week..

                              .. she did such a good job I might have to add her to the crew!

                                    Aga set the scene nicely.. the room looked beautiful,


       Sue, Colleen Karen and the  staff  of the PCSC did a fantastic job in decorating the venue .

                                                                              I was ready,

                                                                    Steve was ready...

Steve and Barry kicked the night off...

                                    So .. in no particular order .. I shuffled them around for interest sake!

                                                  Martin Cooper had the dream team..     
..there were certificates for managing Herc..

Matthew starred a few times ..

                                                       Morgan came back .. again and again..

Ken was giving out books and tripods..

                                                      Scott re- visited the dais a few times ..

with a few Brisbane to Gladstone trophies..

Barry gave Colleen a wheel to steer her way home!
Anthony and team Intriigue won a title or two.. 

                                                 and grinned from ear to ear..


                                                           John didn't miss out ...

I caught Lex unawares...

Liz Cunningham came from the ball...

Lynne starred too...

Maria was rewarded for all those hard days on the water

                                                Marion was a vision in blue..

Mike Lutz was on hand ..

Rick and Martin were a duo in tune..

Tiernan was on Team Intriigue

Dirk was rewarded for duties of many...

                                                        Jackson was a 'Man in black'

Lex ..


We all tried to keep Slim sitting down....

                                                             .. to no avail...


There were Thankyou speeches ...

                                                           prizes on the run...

flowers for the ladies ..

then John signed off for another year ..
3013 - 14 season was closed!


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