Monday, March 24, 2014

Another Saturday on the water

                     The weather was behaving for a change, the skies were blue, the waters calm, a gentle breeze and everybody was looking forward to a pleasant afternoon on the harbour.

                                                 Lex was still putting the Doc in..


                               Friday was Happiness Day and the effects were spilling over ...

Christopher was ready for fast and furious action..

                                                  Peter had the crew who knew the ropes!

Lynne went into cruising mode...
Restless made an appearance ,

                        club volunteers were sorted amongst the rescue boats and start boat...........

                                      Martin  and Marion were second time out on Herc
                       sorting out a course line that had some of the elements of a triangle! ..
Barry had an international contingent on board..
it was the first time for Maria on the start ..
 and they first had to get the United Nations on board with any issues!

The start was a multi hull triumph!
away they sailed , one by one , in a colourful array ..

 Miss Behaviour won the colourful award.. just saying!

Not happy about that hull though John... I think it is meant to be white!

                                              Love that boat!
              Having sent the big boats on their way it was time to turn to the really important little boats!

Steve and Morgan practised flying a perfect kite ..

Matthew won "most improved" sailor of the week..

there was time for a chat ..

Garth was there ..

                                                       Spinout was shortly to 'go into a spin'

                                                        Martin and Jackson just mosey along..

Steve was riding 'shotgun' while Morgan had the helm..

                                                                     Sheldon and Cooper cruised along

Peter and Chris were looking calm and collected

                                                  .. off they went in a flurry of orange..

                                        .. however on Spinout things were spinning way out...

Right... we got that ...

                                                            .hang on there Christopher!

                                             .. this ride is about to get hairy...

There was a moment when it looked like Matthew was coming aboard
.. and he looked as though WE were the problem!


.. around the ever moving mark...

.. and before long we were back to the beginning again..


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