Saturday, April 14, 2018

Sprint series on a harbour dulled by grey skies.

                       It seems there is still an overhanging 'jet lag' from Easter celebrations
                    as only 8 dinghies and a handful of yachts turned out for Saturday racing.
                                                      William launched a return to sailing
                                                          Solitaire crossed the line first
                                                 John paid to have the true start shots buried!
                                                                   it was wet at times
                                                              Four races , four starts ..
                                                          .. and away went a baton
                                                                       hmm.. not so lucky
                                    Yachts and dinghies played on short courses all afternoon

                                                            Tuan joined the party
                                                           The Impulse fleet was represented

                                                       That's more like it Restless!!
                                                    A spot of colour brightened it all up

                                                                 Fleur De Lis was a late arrival

                                                        some late afternoon sunshine

                                                        Martin was consistently in front

                                          Maria had a moment of glory as she overtook I Boat!


                                                        Carli and Maria keep pace
                                                          Solitaire had a fine finale

End of another day on the water.

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