Saturday, March 17, 2018

Championship for the yachts and a fine day for the dinghies

          It was a fine day for sailing, the nasty windy weather had settled into a pleasant 10 knots
                                              and we had a new player on the water to aim at...

Mitchell Brown and Damien Van Deudekom kept us royally entertained all afternoon.

The PCSC is all spruced up for Easter

a view of the fleet in readiness...

Doctor's Orders was looking serious..

Fleur De Lis times the start well, in the lead of Solitaire and Intriigue

Val was on the helm,

It was all business for the yacht fleet as they headed down harbour

hulls abounded ..
trapeze artists came to the fore

back to see how our new target was coping ... and these boys know boats!

  but every skiff has a steep learning curve...

 anyway they were just testing those Impulse sailors
and Steve passed that test ... No Problem!

but they were not the only trawlers ....

The Impulse Ladies  were having a happy day on the water ...

Naomi took the lead early .. perfect conditions for her!
Josh tried to outsmart on the start...typical tactics!

Carli kept up with the skiff ..
Concentration Steve!

Ray was cool in blue ...

Steve on the chase ..

The skiff boys were back and forth all day ..

 but downwind was fun fun...

and there was the skipper and his Maryanne ...

Race Two bought confusion .. just which way is windward?

but the action was ongoing ... 

 ... yachts were sighted on the horizon

Solitaire took out line honours

Fleur De Lis close behind

 Lex .. you need to rename her Black Magic 

 Intriigue came home under stripes

the end of the day 
even  the yachts look happy to be at rest.

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