Saturday, March 3, 2018

Head of the Harbour Series Two

                           Perfect blue skies and bright sunshine made for a hot day on the water;
                               12 Dinghies turned out to bolster the flighty foursome of yachts
                                              while the family teams are strengthening

                                              Sheldon and Sue cheerfully took control of the start procedure                                                               

Wayne appeared to be considering the strategic plan for the day
The usual busy scene at the pontoon 
It was a day for families as well .. there were mini Cues' and Mini Grahams'

Benjamin and his Moth flew around but was harder to capture than ever! 
Super Freaky edged Solitaire out at the start, 

with Restless powering at the stern
hyped up for Easter already

Greg is on cruise control ..
and away they all went , calm as could be

tacking away for that hidden advantage 

Stephen hanging ten !

As the dinghy fleet took off on the start of Race 1

That blue dart flew back and forth amongst the fleet
he's a hard to catch !

Ray was settling in for a great day

the fleet were sailing to and fro..

around familiar A7

Adrian  gave some laser competition for Martin

 Carli cruised on by

Chris and Luke had Pigs flying

A8 provided a turning point

Thank you Josh ! You woke us up ...
with a 'frisson' of excitement!

damn that  camera!

Mitch was finding it intense

Adrian was sneaking in front
 Naomi relished the light conditions

Martin not far behind

Ray was leading the 'heavyweights'
to Best Male sailor of the day ..

 The moth was hiding amongst the stacks
while Rob 
 Josh was all smiles
 Race 2 saw a competitive rush for the line
 Pandora and the 125 crossing closely

Carli and Maria side by side around A7

 the always colourful Pacers

impulse action!

streaming past A 8
Naomi had the lead in race 2 again
one by one ...
Restless powered around A8 to Middle Bank

Up goes the kite again
Super Freaky on her way to the finish line
A bit of a difference in scale

white white spinnakers ... colour?
 clearly Greg was still in cruising mode
 Fleur de Lis enjoyed a calm and colorful afternoon

only a few weeks until Easter and we do need volunteers to help at the club from Friday through to Monday
so bring your smiles and good cheer down and have fun because 'The Party Continues ' .

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