Saturday, April 28, 2018

Last sailing for the season!

                                        It was Championship for the yacht fleet;
           We had fake news of a strong wind warning which put the dinghy fleet out of play ,
                                so it was off to Spinnaker Park for a few photos to end the season

                              Mitch and Jordy looked all business.. but never left the creek!

Fleur De Lis looked a fine sight

                                                        solitaire and Intriigue
                                                            Restless was tooing and froing

                                                           doctor's Orders had a boom issue

                                           Everyone was watching for a flag or two
                                                             A7 looked a wee bit crowded

                                    Solitaire and Doctor's Orders finally made a start
                                                   Rob and Sam enjoyed a solo afternoon
                                                          A perfect day for a sail!

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