Saturday, January 20, 2018

Off and racing in a new year !

                                      Port Curtis Sailing Club was abuzz with sailors,
                                 the swaying of sails floating in the breeze, rigging taut and
                                    anticipation of an afternoon back on Gladstone Harbour

A large fleet of 15 dinghies, 
including Impulse, Laser, 125, Pacer and Moth classes lined up for two races of the day. 

We eagerly awaited the unveiling of a new impulse .. Fast Boat Sally proved Addison Mann made a good choice naming Davids new toy.
Though it has to be said David Cue in I Boat could not be beaten in Race 1 .. it took till Race 2 for us to all see what Fast Boat Sally is capable of...

As usual the yachts were sent on their way first ...
Super Freaky timed the start perfectly ...

                                                  Restless, Solitaire and Intrigue followed
                                                                       closely packed

                                                           Fleur De Lis followed through
                                        Mike Phillips putting in the grunt, working the winches.
while back at the dinghy fleet ...
                                                     Charlie was back out on The Clinic...
Peter and Alex were on the Pacer 
David was sailing Fast Boat Sally 
while Christopher and skipper Fraser Hannan have taken over the 125. 
That comes to Five members of the Mann family on the water yesterday ... 
Sue and Caitlin .. where is that Taser? 

                                                Benjamin made a brief appearance on the Moth ..
                                                   David Cue was giving 'Sally' a challenge

                                               Rob Graham was keeping his laser in contention ..
                                                                with racing style..
                                                                  there were trios and pairs ...

                                      some close racing happening here... just climb aboard ...

                                                         Carli sailed a steady race
                                                The gibe mark challenged a few in Race 2

                                                        Sheldon and Ray kept apace all afternoon..

                                             Steady she goes  withe Dave Taylor
                                                       Scott and Aga kept a close eye on the fleet
                                                      Naomi looked smooth ...
                                             Peter had Alexa running the show on the Pacer ..
                                                           Race 2 is a start ...

                                                                   Mann oh Mann !!


                                                     and some action down wind .. but into the sun!!
                                                          Buoy rounding action at CB1
                                                              and then down to the gibe mark

                                                       Those long legs saved Mitch ...
                                                            ... it is like walking on water!!         
                                                         A good recovery from Rob also

                          Question: Do you think that camera boat will fit under our starboard tramp?  
                                                 Answer: Whoops!.. but we will get some good shots now! 

       ... all under control..
                                                          ... beautifully gathered spinnakers

                                                   A few flashes of colour on the harbour

                                                                Crews at work

                                        A pleasant start to the second half of the season.

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