Saturday, January 27, 2018

A championship day for the hardy!

                 Strong winds and incoming tide set the scene for a choppy confused harbour ,
                             white caps running and the red rib climbing the 'surf' at times!
                                     The yacht fleet sought adventures down harbour;
                     a greatly reduced dinghy fleet found the going tough off Spinnaker Park.

either way .. it was going to be a wet afternoon!
                                                            Race 1 started well enough..
                                                           ... but we on the rib,
                                    decided the action would all happen at the gybe mark!
                                                    Steve was getting buried early on...
                                                        Alexa had some trapeze advantage
                                                       that kept her high and dry..
                                                      Matthew wasn't planning on a swim .. yet!
                                   David Cue was our first casualty .. and we nearly missed it !!

                                                 here comes Sheldon .. please deliver!
which he did! 
                                         Steve , having seen the consequences of the gybe
                                                              went for the granny knot !
                                                                    Mission accomplished !
                                           Meanwhile Sheldon was heading up the narrows...
Murray and Dave on Herc were keeping a close eye...
                                                               Peter and Alexa played it safe..             

                                                       Morgan ran the gauntlet and WON!                                                   

                                                          Matthew was looking good for it...
                                                              but the wobbles set in...

                                                 it turned out to be a slow trip downwind ..

                                                until his star quality took over again...
                                               David had it together on the second triangle ..
                                                      Alexa was having a ball.. Peter was run ragged !

                                                                 Sheldon played it safe ..
                                                                   he kept going
                                                   .... dreaming of tropical islands
                                                    until he was a blur .... and finally he gybed!
                                                               Steve was ready for it...                                                             
                                                             Mission accomplished ..
                                                               mountainous seas!
                                                                   confident Morgan...
                                                          an accomplishment in itself!
                                                                         No Problem!
                                                                  and solo sailor David Cue
                                                     determinedly completed the final triangle ...

The end of a wet, wet, day on the water..

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