Saturday, February 10, 2018

Championship for the dinghy fleet !


                                        A beautiful day for a sail; blue skies, light winds,
                                        a trophy to fight over .. almost as good as a sheep station!

                                         Fleur De Lis was the Lone Ranger for the big boats..
                                       ...and by all accounts enjoyed a lovely afternoon social sail

At the start line it was a wee pushy, and some well known names did their penalty turns without being yelled at! 

an incoming tide pushed everyone down harbour 

                                  Naomi took off in front and made those fellas work to catch her..
                                                                   David Mann

                                          There were the occasional waves over the bow...
                                            which we on the camera boat always enjoy!

                                                             David Cue and Josh Young

                                                         Steve Lewis and Scott Patrick

                                                        Mitchell Brown in Pandora
                                                           Carli  Homann
                                                      Rob and Sam Graham ( Sams first race day )
Sam survived a ditching .. advice from Dad .. 

                                                                    the younger set ...

                                                                  Looking good
                                                        Catch up David . and he did!
                                                             some rock 'n roll
                                                       A quiet moment to sort the problem..
                                                           Alexa is getting the hang of the trapeze

                                                              here they come , Chris and Fraser
                                                              ...and there they go...

                                                       1,2,3,  1,2,  1,2,3..The end of the day

                                          Sam learns fast.. he had the helm by the end of the day! 

Great job Sam!! 

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