Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Last Post ...for 2017


                                               It was an interesting day on the water;
                        Tim Williams had his farewell sail on the helm of Intriigue,
                                               Solitaire experienced steering issues
                                   which gave us an unsolicited couple of crew shots !
                        Clare took a few lovely shots of Tim skippering Intriigue for the records ...
                                   the apprentices were out doing a superb job this week!

                                        .. and to top it off Santa made a visit on Sunday,
                      bringing Fresh Food choices of Carrot sticks, celery and pickled onions!! ODD!
                                                  I think we got the Reindeer basket! 
                                             and not much else for the Christmas party !!
                                   Lets hope all those memberships come in next year...
                                    so we can have Roast chicken and dessert again! 

                         Saturday sailing proved a talking point on Sunday ... weather was light ,
                                            barely a wave, which made it great conditions
                                        for the lighter weighted amongst the Impulse sailors.
Rob had son David on board for a cruise on Solitaire .. lucky he had a camera! 
                                                           All secure ...
                                                                  Fleur De Lis looked storm bound

                                                                  Restless found cruising blues
                        Intriigue was ready to take them all on; prodder up and in fightin' form

                                                .... stealthily.. the attack came broadside

                                                                 not fazed....
                                a whole harbour.. and everyone wants to play in the same spot!!!

                                                You could have all played nicely from the start!!
                                   We expect better behavior from the Impulse fleet .. (and Morgan)
                                                       Josh thought he had HER covered ..
                                                               the rest of the fleet followed
                                                           taking on the harbour tugs ..
                                                            Steve leading Morgan astray...                                                                                                  and don't give us that " I'm just a simple pig farmer story" ... WE know !!
                                                                         Tug power!

                                                                Fleur De Lis came past              
                                                       busily on her way around the island...
while on Solitaire Steve seemed a bit concerned..
while Rob waggled the tiller back and forth 
..,amongst the dinghy sailors ...Naomi 
                                                          and the girls had it lined up..

Meanwhile Ray was rock in and roll in to catch Carli ...

Naomi played it cool..
                                              while Josh tried a few standing positions
                                                                  Yep.. you have to try Josh!
Naomi was well in front ...
                                                               Racing stance ...

                                                      A bit of help? Just this once ....
                                                      A smiling Morgan ...
                                                      The master of the grimace ...
                                                                 ....  and grin
                                                                      Keep calm
                                                                 and Carry On

                                                                     Girls = smiles

                                                             and if that doesn't work ....
                                                       we will plow straight thru...

                                            As the dinghies finished, we watched the yachts under spinnaker

here comes a drama piece ...

      .. and look who was crewing for Clare ...
 Triple TTT 
Tim,Tony and Tiernan..
                                                                 Great photos Clare
Tough act to follow ...
but along came Restless

and now ...what did happen to Solitaire ?
in deference to Jo, we won't show photo 1 
as Rob dives to make Rudder repairs

 a bit of fun processing the harbour traffic when sailing got a little dull! 
                                                   an Infrared process applied for dramatic effect
                         .. and over to Santa...                                   
Sunday saw a small team at the club ...

and finally a farewell to Tim Williams .. 
see you around at regattas etc Tim.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all . 

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