Saturday, November 5, 2016

It seems it's Championship again !

                                                   A Champion Day on the water!

                      A beautiful hot day with 18- 20 knot winds coming from the North West -
                                    a little unusual, but it all makes the day interesting !

                              The pontoon was busy with yacht craft; Spirit and it's 'OLD' crew
                                                     .. and don't forget your beret!

                              were having a reunion and taking her out for a run around the harbour.

                                  It was clearly a social sail, with Cameron on the foredeck ,
                                                  since he was the Young Lad on board!


                               We were not able to cover the yacht start; which was a pity,
                                     because I hear it had some photo worthy moments!!

           As you can see everyone was following us (NOT) .. 'cause WE had the 'Follow Me' flag..                  

                                                but we kept an eye on them, all over the Harbour!

                                              the closest we came to a big boat all day!

                                 The Dinghy fleet was well represented with 14 starters;

                                   John had come up Trumps with a new sail for Will
                                        ... he was going so fast we couldn't see him!

                                                Ray had done some fine tuning and it was paying off

                                                              Jackson looked cool...
                                       what more is required of a young man of a certain age?

                                                Sheldon did his flying before the start...

                                                 The MV Jack was rockin' and rollin' all day long

                                                 Will came back so we could see him...

                                       Sheldon got himself into a pickle right on the hooter!

                                           Taking the fleet on Port ....fraught with danger....

                                                               ... and this time ...

                                                                 the Fleet won!

                                                    Steve and Ray took off with a good start;

                                              heading to action at the windward mark...

Positioned at the windward mark , the oncoming action was WET, WET, WET

Martin was looking a little close ,

... and oops! he was!

Leaving David to scoot ahead

Steve was next to reach the mark... was a mixing bowl!

Morgan spent the day dodging Impulse sailors...

but doing it in style...

Ray and Peter, were close enough to chat - several times!

it was fast , it was wet, it was wild!

it was Fun!


Will was doing well with his new sail..

Maria was a stand out in green

but no escaping the spray!

Sheldon made a come back in race two...

Martin avoided all future buoys...

Will called it quits after Race 1 ..

David stayed in there ...

Martin guarantees a 100% input

Just cruising ...

Peter had a few swims and then handed over the batten to the Red Rib crew!

Alby was in fine form...

Jackson came back on the course after injury!

Garth stayed cool in the Pacer

Race Two came and went ...

It all finished too early for some !

Alexa jumped ship for the trip home!

Always interesting to see the harbour traffic !

a bevy of little boats heading home !

Leading the 'Follow Me boat'.. again!

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