Saturday, November 26, 2016

Grey skies, no wind makes for a dull championship

                                              It was good to see a few yachts on the pontoon,
                                                  ready for a long trudge up the harbour

the dinghies were ready 

                                    Spirit was heading out for another run around the harbour

                                          Doctors Orders  was flashing in red white and blue

                                                         the start was clean and trouble free

                                                   Doctors Orders took it away

                                                 Intriigue and Solitaire combined for the day

                                             SonOfABeach came home a lot faster than she started

                                       Georgina had them under control on super Freaky

    A few other interesting craft sailed by ...

                                      The dinghy races got under way

                                      The flare of colour from the North caught our eye

It was two by two to the mark

Will stood out ...

                                          Sheldon decided to relax and wait for the wind

                                            Steve kept an eye out ahead,, looking for a puff

                         .. some action from Peter  ... but that was the only angle we saw for the day !!!

                                     it was getting more and more like a Canadian winter ...

                                                  as the tugs headed off in military precision

                                                         around the mark they trooped

  No Further action forthcoming ...

                                                until Morgan thought she might need to paddle

                                                                Martin opted for a low profile

                                                                  Tim kept it all upright

Race Two abandoned .. Let's go home ...

                                                                              under tow !

                       The colour was all in the crew shirts today .. which is why we say "wear Red"

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