Saturday, October 29, 2016

Head of the Harbour

                          After a very busy three weeks talking about Barbie and fashion,
                          it was time to get back to the world of sailing ... in a fashion!

                            Yachtsman Ken got away from the stuffy ballroom to watch the sailing


              The conditions were a little dull.. but we made the most of the time in the fresh air;

                     Tuan led the fleet over the line, must have a crack crew of rock stars on board!

       SonOfABeach and Super Freaky battled it out, but the big cat gathered speed and took off!

                                     Intriigue were a little late to the party;
                                   Restless had to fix a small halyard issue first!


a splash of colour on Super freaky

                                             Skipper Claire looked very relaxed and in command

                                                   The tugs caught my eye, as they headed down harbour

                                                                      Ray led the dinghy fleet

                                                      A couple of pacers added some cheer

                                                 David started behind, but soon caught up

                                                                 Alby was solo sailing

                                                                  Father and daughter

                                         We need a campaign for a new sail for Will..

                                               He has potential this boy!

                                                           Round A8 we go...

                                              Morgan was good, but Ray was having to try for height

                                                     In typical style, just made it

                                                                Did he help Steve ?

                                       Along came the Brisbane, so  I called it a day after Race 1


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