Saturday, February 27, 2016

A beautiful day for sailing ... but where was the fleet?

                              A few Impulse sailors headed to Bundaberg for a regatta,
                           while others are tied up doing maintenance on the big boats!
Everyone associated with No Problem is hoping for a faster race than last year ...

Wistari will keep plodding along ....

and Restless is going to have a clean hull  for the occasion ...

              Easter is only a few Saturday sails away; Restless, Wistari and No Problem
               will soon be heading south , just so they can have a drink in the bar at QCYC

                ..... and then turn around and race home, for a drink in the bar at the GYC!

                         In the meantime .. it was a perfect 10 knots and why would you not
                                                                  Go Sailing ?

                                         The Herc crew were enjoying the ambiance  

                                       for a change the MV Jack was not rockin' and rollin'

                                                 there were a few cross tacks at the start line

                                                     the family teams were hootin' along

                             Stop here Cruise ship... Any further they may fill you up with coal!

                                                     Morgan was a bit of a lonely laser this week

                                                             Ray was on fire!



                                                                Steve was close behind


                                                  would have been happier with a few more knots !                             
                                          .. and we thought we would make Scott our poster boy!!


                                                 The family Cue learnt to expect the unexpected...
                                                        there was a bit of racing along the way ..
                                                        Race Three turned out the most interesting ..




                                           but everyone had a good day .. just hangin' on the harbour


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