Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Championship Race, which guarentees good attendence!

                                         You can always tell when it's Club Championship
Yachts appear on the pontoon in multiple numbers

the jolly smiles of the rescue crews are on the water,
 Max is back!

crew are gearing up.,. and getting in the zone !

The M.V. Jack Mortenson is in position
there was the usual back and forth before the start...
But it wasn't a very nice day out there...

It was just too much fun for Pete and Christopher..

Morgan and Steve were doing their own thing..

it was looking grey, squally, and wet...

and when they turned around ... 
Solitaire was there as well,

 Doctors Orders was a clear winner at the start...

Restless joined the dinghy fleet...
someone buy that boat a stopwatch!

so, it was a bleak and damp sail down harbour...

and equally difficult for the dinghies  !!

Not to mention keeping the camera dry and the lens clean!

Maria and Ray had their usual tussle, Maria won this time ..


the Impulse sailors had the majority.. 

Morgan was sailing to the wall..

David Cue has named his new Impulse 'Splitter"

The game went on ..

Matthew is getting the hang of the Impulse

Tim was looking serious

Benjamin came out to play on the Moth

other vessels came and went...

until the yachts came back ..

first was Doctors Orders

Sonofabeach converged with the dinghy fleet , one going port, the other starboard,..

interesting ...

Look out Little boat...




Another Race???

Yachts came home under spinnaker


Lex was supervising ..


They must have had a good ride on Sonofabeach

Looking a little too relaxed .. perhaps?

Restless must have had a good day.. still smiling ..





That's one done and dusted... !

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